High quality clipping path service.

Subcontracting your clipping paths is a smart move only if you NEVER experience problems on quality and delivery schedule. At detourer.com QUALITY and steady OVERNIGHT DELIVERY come first. Major brands have chosen to work with us for the precision of our clipping and the reliability of our service. If you are looking for a solid partner for tomorrow's clipping paths and for years to come then detourer.com is your solution.

We clip paths since 2006.

800 companies have used our clipping path service since 2006. Our clipping paths are perfect for high quality printing because we observe strict quality standards. We also clip images for the web and usually do the little extra that makes all the difference including resizing, ajusting margins and adding shadows. All your specifications regarding clipping paths and other requirements are kept in our database. The next time you drop new pictures to clip, you do not have to remind us anything.

Clipping path for professionals

detourer.com serves small and large companies that need to free themselves from the clipping path contraints but demand the highest standard of quality and require speedy delivery all year long. Our experts perform 2000 clipping paths per day on all sorts of images including garments, glasses, jewelry, bikes and food products.

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