Frequent questions

How is payment arranged ?

Once you accept the quotation, we will open your online account. You can then upload all the images to clip. At the same time we send you a link to proceed for payment. The credit card details are handled by French bank SOCIETE GENERALE via their service SOGENACTIF. We never have access to your card information.

After completing the payment process, you can print or save the PDF invoice.
If you use our service regularly, we will eventually move to monthly payment.

Which file formats do you accept ?

We accept all formats and we can return all formats. If you have a doubt about the appropriate format we can advise you.

Do you set margins and image size ?

On your request we do. We center, adjust the margins and resize your images. We can also return several formats from a single original image. These operations are either free-of-charge and require a little extra. It depends on the complexity of your request.

Do you adjust color mode, dpi, path name or other parameters ?

ANY settings you need will be adjusted consequently free-of- charge. Your specifications are saved in your customer profiles and the next time you post images you do not have to remind us anything. We will apply agreed settings systematically.

Do you change the ICC profile ?

Unless you request a specific ICC profile, we will preserve the existing one. If you are not familiar with ICC profiles, just note that we do everything to preserve the original quality of your documents.

Why choose ?

We believe quality and respect of the deadlines come first. Our prices are adapted so we can offer the best quality and guaranteed overnight delivery all year long. Big corporations work with us. If quality is your priority, is your solution.